Aberrations of an interest-based economy

Writ­ten by J. Probst

Preli­mi­na­ry note

There are many aberra­ti­ons. We only have to turn on the TV and are alre­a­dy besie­ged with them. Why should there exist any connec­tion between many of the known aberra­ti­ons and the fact that money is normal­ly lent out against interest?

It appears alre­a­dy at a first compa­ri­son that the finan­cial and inte­rest-caused factors „outrun“ the rema­in­der of the econo­my, that they posess seemingly a dyna­mics on their own which is not or only very limi­t­ed­ly bound on outer propor­ti­ons. The finan­cial sector discon­nects itself always further and final­ly takes off. But on an a bit closer look it also shows that this process has indeed effects into the other direc­tion. The explo­ding mone­ta­ry capi­tals, debts and burdens of inte­rest do not pass the remai­ning socie­ty without a trace, but leave traces behind, which normal­ly – one is incli­ned to say: nearly always – are unde­re­sti­ma­ted. A small, at first glance incon­spi­cuous, cons­truc­tion error of our mone­ta­ry system is respon­si­ble for this self-dyna­mics, and the errors conse­quen­ces merely become obvious little by little.

The sense of this report consists in the endea­vour to unmask this cons­truc­tion error and to depict his most important effects. Last but not least approa­ches to solve the issue shall be presen­ted, which act beyond many concre­te problems, and which could be carri­ed out rela­tively easy.

This may seem very bold within the limits of this small book­let, but one must pay atten­ti­on to the fact, that this is solely some­thing like a matter of a summa­ry which can not replace lite­ra­tu­re. Most of the thoughts stated here were taken from various sources, compi­led and shor­ten­ed to the essence. Here­wi­th I want to give the reader a succinct synop­sis and, simul­ta­neous­ly, to initia­te further absorp­ti­on. Natu­ral­ly, a claim on comple­ten­ess is excluded; also the many quota­ti­ons shall not arouse the impres­si­on that the respec­ti­ve authors share the same opini­on in all points, since many aspects can be trea­ted indeed controversial.

So let us regard this book­let as a little „jour­ney“ through an important, albeit faded out, topic, which unfort­u­na­te­ly beco­mes more urgent day by day.

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