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WEF Davos 2013 – Inequality destroys everything

World Eco­no­mic Forum Annu­al Mee­ting 2013 from Janu­a­ry 23rd to 27th (Jakob Jor­da­ens – „Feast of the Bean King“ – Wiki­pe­dia) If this week in Davos, like every year, the power­ful busi­ness lea­ders and politi­ci­ans meet to ren­dez­vous, they will once more be sum­ming up and loo­king for­ward. It can be admi­ra­b­ly spe­cu­la­ted, just like during the „Bean­fe­ast of pomp and pla­ti­tu­de“ (The Sun­day Times Online 2006), how a key issue, such as the gro­wing soci­al ine­qua­li­ty, could come to last. The sup­po­si­ti­on that it was like a form of „soci­al washing“ can not be dis­mis­sed out of hand. A glo­bal citi­zens…

Obama calls on ‘cynical’ banks to agree rules that will protect Americans 0

Obama calls on ‘cynical’ banks to agree rules that will protect Americans

During a spee­ch in New York to an audi­en­ce of 700, inclu­ding top names from the finan­ci­al ser­vices indus­try, Oba­ma said he was fed up with Ame­ri­cans being „duped“ by pre­da­to­ry beha­viour from finan­ci­al insti­tu­ti­ons and accu­sed banks of losing touch with broa­der socie­ty. „Some on Wall Street for­got that behind every dol­lar tra­ded or lever­a­ged is a fami­ly loo­king to buy a hou­se, pay for an edu­ca­ti­on, open a busi­ness or save for reti­re­ment,“ he said. „What hap­pens here has real con­se­quen­ces across our coun­try. via guardian.co.uk Bar­rack Oba­ma packt die Keu­le aus und droht den Akteu­ren des Finanz­mark­tes.…

Außerordentliche Nachwuchsforscher 0

Außerordentliche Nachwuchsforscher

Kim­ber­ley Ellis und Rapha­el Mut­ter erstel­len in Tahi­ti eine Mach­bar­keist­stu­die zu Umwelt­fra­gen, die in dem Roman „Das Tahi­ti-Pro­jekt“ auf­ge­wor­fen wur­den. Kim­ber­ley schreibt ihre Erleb­nis­se auf beein­dru­cken­de Art und Wei­se (in Eng­li­sch) im Web­log „Tahi­ti-Virus“. Das ist auch der gleich­na­mi­ge Titel des Nach­fol­ge-Romans von Dirk C. Fleck, dem dies­jäh­ri­gen Preis­trä­ger des Deut­schen Sci­en­ce-Fic­tion-Prei­ses. Auch Dirk C. Fleck schreibt in das Web­log. Dabei ist unter ande­rem eine Rede ent­stan­den, die man sich so von Poli­ti­kern unse­rer Zeit wün­schen wür­de.

Community Currencies & Environmental Sustainability in New Zealand

Community Currencies & Environmental Sustainability in New Zealand

Ein inter­es­san­ter Text in einem neu­seel

Zeige mir Deine Knöllchen – und ich sage Dir, wie korrupt Du bist 0

Zeige mir Deine Knöllchen – und ich sage Dir, wie korrupt Du bist

Das kor­rup­tes­te Land in Euro­pa ist Bul­ga­ri­en, gefolgt von Alba­ni­en. Woher wir das wis­sen? Kor­rup­te Kul­tu­ren wol­len eini­ge Spe­zia­lis­ten in den USA dadurch ent­larvt haben, dass sie das Park­ver­hal­ten der Diplo­ma­ten in New York der jewei­li­gen L

What is money 0

What is money

What is money? Let us take the good news first. Money is one of the most inge­nious inven­ti­ons of man­kind. It helps the exch­an­ge of goods and ser­vices and over­co­mes the limits of the bar­ter sys­tem, the­r­e­by, crea­ting the pos­si­bi­li­ty for spe­cia­liza­t­i­on, which is the basis of civi­liza­t­i­on. Why then do we have a „money pro­blem“? Here is the bad news: Throughout most of his­to­ry, the cir­cu­la­ti­on of money has been based on the pay­ment of inte­rest. Inte­rest leads to com­pound inte­rest. Com­pound inte­rest leads to expo­nen­ti­al grow­th. And expo­nen­ti­al grow­th in turn whe­re­ver it can­not be trans­for­med is unsustainable.…